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As I sit here in the house all quiet with children sleeping and my husband at work, I once again think of how blessed I am.  Is my life perfect?  No!  It is far from perfect but one thing I know to be true is that I serve a perfect God who loves me uniquely and perfectly.  To look at me from the outside, most days lately I’m sure I look and seem like a mess– which honestly is how I have been feeling.  I haven’t felt good in my body and I have been tired, there has been a lot of changes both good and bad.

One thing that has really been on my heart lately is my precious Grandmother whom I have blogged about before, we have shared so much and our family has been so blessed to have her as long as we have.  We have been told and can see that she does not have long left on this earth, she is seeing people that she hasn’t seen in a long time and walking all over the place (when in actuality she hasn’t gotten out of the bed).  To some this post may seem morbid and I truly hope no one takes it that way because I have talked to her and she told me that she is right with Jesus and ready to see him, she also called me back to tell me about some of her siblings that she will see there too.  Does it bother me that she is ready to leave?  Yes and no, yes because I will miss her and I guess I’m selfish in that way but no because she has lived a good life (no she has never had riches but all she did have she would give) and is about to go to our Heavenly home– what a joyful day that will be for her and those waiting to meet her.  My heart aches because she is my last grandparent but I can also rejoice in the fact that I have wonderful ones that took me as their own when I married Joe.   I am so thankful for her and her unselfish life, I will never forget the road trips just down the road but we had to have a “snack” because you didn’t travel without food, those wonderful hair washes that she gave, the breakfasts in bed, the “It’s okay, you don’t have to go to school today– I’ll tell your Mommy and Daddy.”  I could go on and on about all of my memories but I’m not sure there is enough time or room because I am sure more will come.  Was she perfect?  No, she wasn’t and isn’t but I choose to think about the good and not the bad– one thing is for sure, if she was for you– then she was for you, no matter what.

I will proudly say thank you Grandma for the sacrifices that you made and for taking us to church, I will always remember you taking us and the Vacation Bible Schools we attended as well as when you would go with us to Woodland, thank you for loving all of us the way that you did.  My life as well as so many others truly is richer because you’ve been in it.  I love you!

” I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3


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